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Oman Packages : Tour Sindbad | 11 Days Oman Tour with Salalah

Oman Packages : Tour Sindbad | 11 Days Oman Tour


Pick up : Any place in Muscat

Duration : 11 days

The tour departs from Muscat early in the morning and heads toward Sur. After a short stop to photograph Sur’s Bamah basin (swimming in the water of the sinkhole is possible) as well as the long wide white Beach of Fins the tour will arrive at Wadi Shab.. The Wadi is a huge canyon gorge , which is filled with palm trees and impressive evidence of the force of the water flowing through the mountains be able to do in the wild.

A 45-minute climb up the canyon Wadi and we reach one of the many sparkling clear waters pools. Tourists can enjoy swimming in the warm water between pools. Then we arrive at the last pool , where an opening between the huge rocks lets us swim into a stunning crevice cave that has a tiny waterfall. Inside, the sun filters into the cave from outside, changing the water to a stunning turquoise blue , while water flows down the other part of the cave, separating it from the wadi that lies beyond. The tour will continue to Sur where we’ll stay for the night we will spend the first.

Overnight in Sur Hotel.


Day 2

In the morning, we’ll take you to how to navigate the City of Sur with some ancient fortresses as well as the famous Arabian Dhow Factory, where you can observe old-fashioned wooden Dhows being made.

After lunch we’ll travel towards the south along the coast to Ras Al Hadd. In the afternoon, walk around the Village or lounge on the beach. In the evening, we guide you to the Turtle sanctuary in Ras Al Jinz. There we’ll take an amazing walking tour along the beach in the evening under the stars, and there is a good probability of seeing the amazing sea turtles coming onto the beach to build nests and lay eggs. If you’re lucky enough there are babies hatching from the nests.

Overnight in Ras al Hadd Hotel/Camp.


Day 3
It is a good idea to spend the morning taking a break at the beach, before heading toward Wadi Bani Khalid one of the largest and most stunning Wadis within Oman. You can relax, swim relax, and enjoy picnics in the stunning picturesque wadi canyons.

In the afternoon, we travel to our desert camp at The Wahiba Sands desert and participate in an exciting 4×4 Sanddune ride, and you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking sunset over the desert on one of the dunes of sand. The day is concluded with a meal in the camp and the opportunity to relax with a warm campfire.

Overnight in Desert Camp.


Day 4
Then, in the morning, we head to the city of Ibra. We will then take a trip to the colorful Ibra local Market (Souq) as well as the ancient village of Ibra. After lunch, we head towards Nizwa the former capital of Oman. Arriving there in the afternoon. Upon the Hotel check-in, you’ll have time to relax for the remainder of the day.

Overnight in Nizwa Hotel.


Day 5

The day begins early to go to the Nizwa Souq. It is one of the biggest of its kinds in Oman. Many vendors sell their products in the souk’s streets from 05:00 to 10:00 am each day. There are meat, fish, vegetables pottery, jewellery souvenirs, and handicrafts that are sold in authentic market halls that only a handful of places have the privilege of boasting. Particularly interesting is the cattle market on Fridays which is when people from the villages nearby are able for the sale of their donkeys cattle, goats, sheep and chickens at an open market style area.

Next to the Souq is Nizwa Fortress. The fortress is now a museum and provides stunning views of the town along with the nearby mountains. You can explore the impressive fortress and tour its numerous rooms, passageways and towers.The fortress is an architectural witness to the financial and military accomplishments of the first Yaruba dynasty that ruled from the middle of the 17th century. It was a stronghold for military that was designed to stand up to the most formidable of attacks of the time. In the corridors too the traps were set to deter intruders who could have gotten through the defenses.

In Nizwa we travel through Misfath al Abreen. The village is situated on a sloping slope located at the foot of Jebel Shams, which is just a only a few kilometres away far from Al Hamra’s village. Al Hamra and consists of the remains of old houses along with narrow, narrow street. It also has a vast Falaj system that provides water to numerous orchards along with date palms and vegetables. It’s worth spending at least 1 1/2 hours strolling through the village. There are marked paths through the village and its surrounding areas. The next stop may choose to go to Jabrin Castle or the Al Hoota Caves (This cave is among the biggest underground cave systems anywhere in the globe, and is today a major tourist attraction in Oman. It is comprised of huge underground rivers, with caves like the Al Hoota cave as the entry point in the cave network) or Jabrin Castle (The castle was first constructed as a residence around 1670, under Sultan bin Saif Al in the Ya’arubi Dynasty. A major renovation was carried through in the year 1984. The interior is furnished with a variety of furnishings and traditional kitchen utensils to give visitors an experience of the old castle life. The exterior of the building is decorated with intricate wooden carvings, ceiling paintings and stuccowork. The castle is accessible to the public).

Overnight in Nizwa Hotel.


Day 6
Today we head up Jebel Shams Mountain. When we get there, we stop in the old community located in AL Hamra to visit a adorable little museum that was opened in one of the houses that were once restored within the village. The museum is home to an Omani woman will take you the traditional 7 bedroom home. They will also show how they made food, coffee and pottery in the past. After the tour, you will be taken to an Majilis (Omani Living room) where you can enjoy Omani tea or coffee and dates.

Then we begin the climb up Jebel Shams Mountain to the Resort where we stay the night. After checking in, you are free to relax for the remainder of the day. It is possible to spend your afternoon exploring The well-known Grand Canyon of Oman. There are a variety of walking trails to pick from (easy short, difficult or long). The Canyon Edge offers stunning panoramic views over the wadis as well as valleys below.

Overnight in Jebel Shams Resort.


Day 7
In the morning, we drive down the mountain from the opposite side (east) to Wadi Bani Awf. Wadi Bani Awf. The mountain road is among the most thrilling in Oman and offers an exciting off-road adventures and stunning views. Once we get to Wadi Bani Awf Valley (Wadi Bani Awf) and the road will take to the Wadi for around 1 1/2 hours, passing many tiny villages. After the Wadi it is a one hour drive to return to Muscat.

Overnight in Muscat.


Day 8

You fly early in the morning, and fly and fly to Salalah(1 half hours). The rest of the day is to enjoy leisure. You can enjoy a relaxing day at the beach or wander around Salalah City.

Overnight in Salalah Hotel.


Day 9
Salalah East: Taqa, Sumharam, Wadi Darbat, Ayn Razat.

We first drive to Taqah. Its Wilayat in Taqah has a captivating appeal with scenic and historical sites that date back many thousands of years. The city of port that was a mighty one Sumharam that was the hub of the trade between the sea and frankincense and the stunning Darbat falls as well as the ancient mountain villages are just among the many popular tourist attractions and historic sites located in the Governorate of Dhofar.

A visit to the rural areas of Taqah gives you the opportunity to visit stunning locales that remain true to their nature huge mountainous areas unaffected from the demands of settlement and left on their own to develop the mysteries of nature.

The next stop will be Sumharam. If silence could speak, the ancient Port city Sumharam that ruled supreme over 2,000 years ago as the protector of the fragrant paradise will tell endless tales of the glory days of the fortified hill city that is adjacent to Khor Rori Creek. Strategies at their best summarizes the city’s soul , as seen in its ruin. Sumharam is situated in Taqah about 30 km away of Salalah.

Then we’ll go to the wadi Darbat Wadi Darbat, where you will find an incredible array of trees, plants, flowers and birds. Explore an incredible cave that is the biggest in Tage. Enjoy the stunning panoramas of Jebel Samhan, the Dhofari Coastline and the Indian Ocean from Jebel Samhan. There are several caves located in limestone mountains on the northern edge of the pool and spring.

Ain Razat is the most important spring water source in Dhofar. It was once one of the major supply of water to Salalah. The water and smaller springs run into a large pool on the northern end of the carpark located at the base of jebel. The water flows down the falaj (watercourse) all through the year, though it is most active during khareef. The watercourse runs 7 km from Al-Mamurah Palace, the Sultan’s residence during Salalah. Further, 3 km along the watercourse, it reaches Razat Farm. After Ain Razat, we drive back to Salalah.


Day 10

Salalah West: frankincense trees, Mughsayl, Nabi Ayub


The day begins with a trip to Mughsayl the most popular beach to the west of Salalah. You can observe the blowholes. When waves from the ocean hit the rock due to these vents that are on the surface, water and air is pushed upwards through the vent, and rises as a fountain however, the amount of water and air is really strong. It’s quite enjoyable when you’re in the vicinity of the blowholes waiting to allow the air and water to spout up. Within the area, you can see the famous frankincense tree (boswellia theacra). The tree has gained international notoriety. Dhofar is a known source of frankincense since the beginning of time, and the word “frankincense” is found in old historical texts. It is considered to be one of the top in the world, and has helped the region attain immense wealth over a period of time. before, when frankincense used to be more valuable than gold.

The final stop is a famous tourist attraction The Nabi Ayub tomb. The tomb is located inside an Islamic mosque, and is where Nabi Ayub (tomb of the prophet Job) is burial place. We then drive back to Salalah.


Day 11
Relaxation Day Then in the evening, you will return to Muscat.


What is included in Oman Packages : Tour Sindbad | 11 Days Oman Tour with Salalah ?

  • accomodation
  • Breakfast and dinner (depending on the hotel)
  • english speaking driver/car
  • water/softdrinks
  • the entrance fee and all other fees
  • tickets for flights (Muscat-Salalah)


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