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Best Muscat Tours Packages

In Muscat Tours, we hope that you will spend enjoyable days full of knowledge and adventure, as these tours offer an opportunity to get to know the tourist attractions in Muscat with its long and ancient history by visiting the Sultan Qaboos Mosque and then the Royal Opera House, followed by the visit of the Beit Al -Barenda Museum and the Castle of Jalali and the Mirani and they are one of the most important castles in Oman.

There will also be an opportunity to get to know the holdings of the Beit Al -Zubayr Museum through the Palace of Al -Alam, and at the end of Muscat Tours we will visit the old market of Muttah and the tourist get to know the heritage and the country.

What is Muscat?

  • Muscat is the capital of the Sultanate of Oman and is one of the most picturesque places around the world. It is
  • Muscat is famous for its impressive markets and wonderful seafood.
  • There is the coastal city located on the Gulf of Oman from the barren mountains of stone, which means that you can enjoy the desert trip at dawn, and by watching the dolphins at sunset, with the possibility of enjoying the generosity of Omani hospitality.

The geographical location of the city of Muscat

Muscat is also distinguished by its hot and dry climate, as it is characterized by its warm guests, in which the rain falls with scarring, and its summer is also long and dry, and perhaps the reason for this weather is its distinctive geographical location as it is located between the mountains of the eastern stone and the Gulf of Oman, in the southern spot of the inner coast.

Best Muscat tours packages

What is the history of the city of Muscat?

Muscat is one of the very old cities, and it is distinguished by its old buildings and its ancient markets, which as soon as you wander around, you imagine yourself has returned in time Unique geographically.

Despite the presence of old homes in Muscat, which is a witness to many historical events, there are also many modern neighborhoods, with modern-style buildings and wonderful and unique designs, and this city that won the title of the cleanest show is about four times, characterized with its cleanliness and elegance, that is, it combines ancient civilization and civilized development.

Reasons for coming to muscat Tours in Oman

The city of Muscat is a city rich in history and culture, for its fame as a commercial port in the twenty-first century, and its importance as a commercial center in the modern era, this elegant city with beautiful homes surrounding it.

The best Vacations in the Middle East is to take a picnic along the Corniche and enjoy stunning views during Muscat Tours while enjoying the best shopping places in the city in the Muttrah market, this colored market is filled with distinctive treasures such as pearls, jewelry and traditional handicrafts such as shoulder bags Complexly designed and wooden sculptures.

After enjoying shopping during Muscat Tours, you can eat fresh fruit juice from street vendors, with the trend towards the eastern end of the Corniche to enjoy a wonderful view of the city, and then move to the upper part of the city, to visit the Sultan Qaboos Mosque.


1- Shopping from the best Muscat Tours

  • Muttrah market in Muscat is a distinctive maze of ceramics, jewelry, and souvenirs under the title of beauty in Muscat.
  • The best that can be purchased is soft, soft, butter wool, leather, and golden jewelry.

2- Watch the wonderful mosques in Muscat Tours

  • During 45 years of rule, the Sultan of Oman, Qaboos, established many of the most wonderful buildings in Muscat.
  • But the most wonderful building is the Great Sultan Qaboos Mosque, because of its four minarets and a high golden dome with a height of 50 m, along with white marble floors, and the amazing men’s prayer hall with carpets and chandeliers, it is considered one of the best places of muscat tons.
Best Muscat tours packages

3- Learn a historical glimpse of Oman

  • At the muscat Tours, you will see the country’s historical and cultural monuments with swords and the basic daggers of the Omani heritage, so that you can enjoy the place at the forefront of the national flag.
  • You will see a group of historical weapons in the Beit Al -Zubair Museum, from the swords engraved with Quranic verses.

4- Enjoy fresh seafood

  • While grilled meat and chickpeas are located, you will also enjoy many food tables in restaurants to eat seafood.
  • Muscat is primarily famous as the city of seafood lovers.
  • some dishes are famous for curry, consisting of pieces of ocular fish in coconut, turmeric, ginger, and garlic, which you can taste during Muscat Tours.

5- Learn about the luxurious modern architecture

  • There is a natural launching place for staring at royal architecture at the Palace of Science and Glorious Gold.
  • After that, you can visit the Royal Opera House during Muscat Tours, which is an impressive mixture of Omani marble, Italian importer, and Burmese jag.

6- Watch the dolphin

  • You can enjoy during Muscat Tours by watching the dolphin shows on the boat tour around the Gulf of Oman, in an amazing atmosphere.
  • some trips last for two hours, with great opportunities to see these pious dolphins that are used in water.

7- Learn about the terrain

  • You can enjoy the long walking paths, while the most impressive heights are reached in the Nizwa area, and the south of the west for 90 minutes from Muscat, which is the area supported by the capital itself from the dramatic stone of Al -Hajar.

8- The pleasure of the desert

  • In western Muscat, the largest sandy desert in the world is located, which extends throughout the Arabian Peninsula.
  • This desert covers parts of Oman, from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates. The adjacent empty quarter is estimated at 583,000 square kilometers of uninhabited dunes.
  • You can also enjoy during the Muscat Tours of the off-road rough road cars during the stone mountain paths around the dunes.

9- Marches along the Corniche

  • During Muscat Tours, visitors enjoy walking tours along the amazing Corniche during sunset, while enjoying the sea view of the purple and orange.


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