7 reasons why you should travel to Oman


Oman Trip is full of experiences and extraordinary moments and that is why we would like to invite you to know this great destination that has been chosen by the Lonely Planet as one of the 10 best countries to travel in 2017.

1. For its fascinating landscape


Traveling in Oman is a spectacle of nature. Its coast is beautiful, capricious forms ,  small cliffs with beaches  . Then there is its desert , which of an intense orange color invites you to dream of the great expeditions of yesteryear in Oman Tours.

After entering you find mountains with palm trees at their base that shape a lovely difference. A standout amongst the most lovely places is the Jebel Sham, the most elevated mountain in Oman, with 3,028 m of height and from where you have shocking perspectives.

2. For its pools and wadis

The wadi are the dry or seasonal channels of rivers that form in the arid and desert zones. These channels leave an exceptional landscape and pools of crystal clear water where it will be impossible to resist to hit us a dip.

There are many throughout the country, but without doubt one of the best known for its great beauty, is the Wadi Shab , an essential visit on your trip to Oman.

3. For its castles and fortresses

Because of its strategic geographical position, Oman has needed to defend itself throughout its history of many attempts at conquest. That is why across and across the country can meet with hundreds of forts , castles and towers surveillance. Many of them have been reconstructed and it is possible to visit them.

4. For the great hospitality

The Muslim hospitality is part of their culture and religion. It is something that they live and learn from very young and that is why their kindness is so natural and spontaneous. When traveling alone to Oman, I found many situations in which they wanted to help me in a thousand ways.

5. For its delicious cuisine

Because traveling is also about knowing new flavors, gastronomy is an important part of this trip through Oman. If you’re a vegetarian, you’re in luck! Thanks to the influence of Indian cuisine, there is a wide variety of delicious dishes added in Muscat tours whose ingredients are deliciously seasoned vegetables and cereals.

6. For its perfect combination of tradition and modernity

Oman began its growth and development from the year 1970, the year in which the current Sultan Qaabos overthrew his father with British support. In these 46 years the advances have been incredible: a great network of highways, hospitals, schools, scholarships, … But all this progress and evolution has not left aside its culture and tradition.

7. Because it is a very safe destination

I had already read that Oman was a safe country, but until you see it there you can not imagine to what extent. For example, it is usual to leave cars on (to keep the air conditioner running) while they are going to make a message. When I asked if there was no risk of theft, they looked at me like saying what? Theft in Oman? Impossible.