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How To Book Affordable Oman Holiday Packages Online


What you have to know when traveling to Oman and how to book Oman Holiday Packages ?– Oman, located in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula, is an ideal destination for lovers of warm landscapes, strange nature, tradition and adventure. Historically, commerce and hospitality characterize the sultanate. A trip to Oman will make you experience calm, action and especially intensity wherever you go.

What to see and what to do in Oman?

Places of interest

Traditional coastal cities, ostentatious sacred temples, untouched nature and an ancient culture that combines with today’s modernity. From deserts to beaches, from oases to mountains, and from international cities to adobe villages, these are some Oman Places to visit :

Muscat : the capital of Oman deserves a couple of days to tour it. Strolling through the old district of Mutrah, with white houses by the sea, visiting the Grand Mosque of Sultan Qaboos, elegant and luxurious, and strolling through the port full of history, where you will see the traditional dhow boats , are essential plans.


Wahiba Sands : the desert of Oman, with its high and red dunes, which change color according to the time of day, is one of the most beautiful landscapes you will see. You can tour the desert in 4×4 or dromedary, and then stop for an Omani coffee with dates.

Wadi Bani Khalid : a spectacular mountain oasis. The landscape is dreamy, with the contrast of the brown colors of the rocks and the aquamarine color of the water. Walk among the palm trees and throw yourself to refresh yourself.


Nizwa : a typical and traditional Omani city. Ancient fortresses and Islamic architecture, surrounded by mountains and date palms, will be the most characteristic setting. Stroll through the old part of the city and see the old decadent houses, and through the new part discovering the souk, the wall and the fort.


Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve: several species of sea turtles arrive to spawn on the beaches of the east coast of Oman, near the South city. It is a totally protected area but it is possible to observe this show, being able to see mainly the green turtles.


What to do With Oman Packages ? 

If you are looking for adventure, you can do a little trekking through Wadi Shab , another of its mountain oases. Tour the waters by boat and hike the rock and cliff paths. Take Oman Packages for more fun and don’t miss any activity there.

Enter the souks of the cities , the traditional markets where the inhabitants will buy and socialize. The old Muscat souk is very interesting, especially lively at night, you will see colors, lights and noise. Haggle and get curious products.

Oman has amazing landscapes of nature, for example the Jebel Shams mountains , where the Grand Canyon of Arabia, Wadi Ghul, is located. Also the mountains Al Hajar, where you can visit Al Hamra, a traditional village in the mountains surrounded by palm trees.

Visit the numerous fortresses and castles of Oman of great antiquity that served as military defense, such as the Fort of Bahla, the fort of Mutrah near the capital, or the castle of Jabreen, palace of sultans.

To discover a different part of the country, visit Masira Island . Nice long beaches, turtles and boat trips. A perfect place to relax and end the adventure.

Best time to travel to Oman

The best time to travel to Oman is between October and March . The weather is very nice and it is not too hot. It is advisable to avoid the summer months that are monsoon, between June and September, and higher temperatures. Pay attention to Ramadan dates, as many establishments will close during the day and you will not be able to carry out activities. Check our website to know in more detail when traveling to Oman .

Useful information for traveling to Oman

How to organize a trip to Oman?

Before organizing your trip to Oman, find out what places you would like to see or what type of trip you would like to take. It is normal for you to get doubts about the type of transport, accommodation, itineraries. Therefore we recommend that you contact one of our Spanish-speaking local agents, they will advise you before and during the trip, to organize a custom trip. Enjoy with total security and comfort. Check our practical guide to know more before traveling to Oman.

Required Documentation

Among the requirements to travel to Oman is to have a visa, in addition to the passport . The visa must be obtained, for a stay of 30 days and with a cost of around € 40; The request is made before the trip on the website of the Royal Police of Oman, and the expedition is usually 24 hours. A passport with a validity of at least 6 months from the date of entry into the country is also required.

Security in Oman

Oman is a stable and safe country , so there is no risk of tourism. You just have to take certain basic precautions in the souks or big cities to avoid theft. As areas to avoid is the border with Yemen.

Top Packages for Musandam Tours

Top Packages for Musandam Tours

Khasab is the major capital of the Musandam Governorate, which is an Omani protectorate and is located on the border with the United Arab Emirates at the tip of the Musandam Peninsula, next to the Strait of Hormuz. The western Hajar mountain range. The seaport is...

How long is Jebel Shams?

How long is Jebel Shams?

Jebel Shams, Sultanate of Oman, is one of the most important natural features of the Sultanate of Oman, and one of its main features, is characterized by being the owner of the highest peak in Oman and one of the ten highest mountains in the Arab countries, where the...

What’s the best way to see Jebel Shams?

What’s the best way to see Jebel Shams?

Jebel Shams is one of the important tourist destinations in the state of Nizwa Oman, and this is because tourists visit it during their visit to the Sultanate to enjoy its picturesque nature, where wild trees abound in it. This is in addition to its fresh air and...

Is Nizwa Oman Worth Visiting?

Is Nizwa Oman Worth Visiting?

The city of Nizwa Oman plays an effective role in the backbone of the Omani economy, especially tourism in the Sultanate of Oman despite its geographical distance from the capital, Muscat, because it combines a mixture of natural, historical, and contemporary civil...

What is Nizwa Oman Known for?

What is Nizwa Oman Known for?

Nizwa Oman was the capital of the Sultanate of Oman in the early ages of Islam, and it was also known for its intellectual activity, which is attributed to Omani scholars, jurists, and historians, so it bore the title (the courtyard of Islam). The site of Nizwa is...

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