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Top 5 Oman destinations that billionaires choose to travel in 2020


Explore the Top 5 Oman destinations places that billionaires choose to travel in 2020. Get affordable group Oman day tour packages to visit Oman in 2020. Oman was a travel destination that surprised me positively. First of all, by the kindness and good disposition of his people, always ready to help with a smile on his face. Then for some of the places, I had the opportunity to visit in Oman and the best is that just tourism .

To help other travelers choose what to visit in the country, I have compiled a list of recommendations based on my Oman Packages . If you are looking for a list of things to do in Oman, start with these 19 locations.

Note that I did not go to the southern region of Salalah, so I do not refer to places to visit in this part of the country. The order is random.

What to do in Oman 

The top 5 Oman destinations 

# 1 Musandam Fjords

A dhow cruise along the Khor Sham fjord, which they call the “Arabian Norway”, is by far the most attractive activity to do in Khasab. It is also the most popular with tourists, whether they are Dubai residents or independent travelers.


That is precisely what led me to Musandam. Impressed by photographs of beautiful scenery mixing tranquil waters with bleak mountains, I could not resist Musandam’s appeal. Especially because I love aquatic environments and boat trips. At the end of the tour, I was so pleased that I wouldn’t mind repeating.

# 2 Khasab Fort

As part of their attempt to dominate the Strait of Hormuz, Portuguese forces colonized Khasab and built a fort in the early 17th century. The fortress is located practically in front of the imposing Lulu hypermarket, which currently dominates the landscape of the Khasab waterfront. It’s worth visiting. Explore the best Khasab tours and trip packages at affordable prices.

# 3 Nizwa Goat Market

one of the Top 5 Oman destinations is Nizwa Goat Market ,It was no coincidence to be in Nizwa on a Friday; I had set up my itinerary in Oman so I could visit the Nizwa goat market – which happens every Friday early in the morning.

Goat Market in Nizwa, Oman

Visually, the goat market is explained in a nutshell. In the middle of a dirt field, there is a gazebo-like circle, covered. Around him, hundreds of men stand, leaving a circular corridor – like a model walkway – where vendors display goats. And potential buyers don’t take their eyes off the animals.

# 4 Wadi Shab

The word wadi means valley. But the term is often used to indicate the dry riverbed, usually between cliffs, where the waters flow only in the rainy season. Now in Oman, there are some wadis who never fail to have water during the year; This is the case with Wadi Shab.


To get there, you have to cross the river to the other bank, by boat, to the point where Wadi Shab trekking begins . Then it is just over 45 minutes of walking, without any difficulty. And it is well worth it. The reward is being able to bathe in a wadi at the end of the trek, and it’s a wonderful feeling. this was number 4 of the Top 5 Oman destinations to visit.

# 5 Bimmah Sinkhole


one of the Top 5 Oman destinations is Bimmah Sinkhole a geological depression formed due to the collapse of underground limestone layers. The quasi-circle will be no more than 50 or 60 meters in diameter, but it is reported that the water depth reaches 20 meters. And it’s fantastic for swimming. The most curious thing is that the small greenish lake is located just over half a kilometer from the sea.

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