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Top Packages for Musandam Tours

Khasab is the major capital of the Musandam Governorate, which is an Omani protectorate and is located on the border with the United Arab Emirates at the tip of the Musandam Peninsula, next to the Strait of Hormuz. The western Hajar mountain range. The seaport is dominated by dhows that attract tourists to Musandam tours across the natural and dry strait. The city also has a full hospital and many hotels, gardens and beaches around the huge city.

Top packages for Musandam tours

Tourists from the UAE visit the city frequently especially from Dubai as the Khasab coastal road provides access to the city from the UAE by connecting to the E11 road on the UAE side. The other way to reach Khasab is by a ferry operated by the government.

As Khasab Musandam is known as Norway Arabia, there are many places you can visit and spend your vacation, sailing, diving, visiting the rock paintings of Tawi village, walking in the city at night, watching dolphins, safaris, and snorkeling if you are looking for important packages In Khasab Musandam, and if you are looking for packages for Musandam tours, here are the best tourist offers:

 1- Musandam marine tours for one day

  • Musandam marine tours for a full day on the boat are an exciting experience.
  • The trip gives you a view of the beautiful scenery of charming nature that provides moments of joy.
  • Go on a cruise and discover the nearby fishing towns.
  • It’s motivating to snorkel and swim in the clear waters and watch dolphins jump your way.
  • Go on a cruise to Seebi Island, which is Telegraph Island, where the British laid the underwater thread in 1864 to connect India with London, and is one of the best Musandam tours.
Top packages for Musandam tours


2-Musandam marine tours for half a day

  • Musandam tours are for half a day to explore the real Telegraph Island and see the wonderful fjords of Musandam.
  • On Telegraph Island, the dhow will be parked for 45 minutes, where tourists can swim and snorkel.
  • During Musandam cruises for half a day, you can get fresh Omani fruits, refreshments, coffee, and tea.
  • One of the attractive factors of the cruise is seeing dolphins.

3- Musandam tours night sailing

  • Musandam tours is a night sailing experience where tourists can sleep on a dhow in Khasab, Musandam, Oman.
  • It is a unique way for the tourist to watch the Omani waters under the bright stars and moonlight, as it will be one of the best trips in your life.
  • Once the boat enters the Straits of Musandam, you will see dolphins.
  • In Musandam tours, night sailing, soft drinks, mineral water, coffee, tea, lunch, barbecue, and breakfast will be served.
  • Those in charge of the voyage also provide sleeping places on the deck of the boat, complete with pillows, blankets, and mattresses.
  • There is also no objection to bringing your own food and sleeping bags.
  • The program will include barbecues, fishing, diving equipment, toilets, and showers.

4- Musandam tours and camping on the beach

  • Camping on the beach with Musandam cruise tours for the full day is one of the most beautiful trips to spend a romantic night on the sandy beach.
  • Tourists can enjoy watching dolphins, swimming, snorkeling, seeing small villages of fishermen, and visiting the picturesque fjords of Musandam.
  • In addition to camping, tourists can enjoy barbecues, traditional Omani breakfast, and lunch on the dhow.
Top packages for Musandam tours


5- Mountain safari

  • With four-wheel drive vehicles, tourists can spend mountain safari trips in Khasab, Musandam, Jabal Al Harima, and Khor Najd.
  • At an altitude of 2087 meters above the sea, the Harem Mountain is located, also known as the Women’s Mountain.
  • Tourists can spend Musandam tours on four-wheel drive jeeps for half a day and go to the largest garden in the Sultanate of Oman that contains natural acacia trees and discover Khasab Valley, Khalidiya, Jabal Harim, Khor Najd, and Asia.
  • Through the Musandam Mountain Safari with four-wheel drive vehicles, tourists can take hill trips to mountains filled with fossils dating back nearly 50 million years.
  • Tourists can also drive through interesting trips and reach an altitude of 1100 meters to reach the village of “Sayeh”, where its inhabitants live on agriculture and raising goats.
  • On the way back to Khasab, you will head towards Khor Najd, which is the only bay in Musandam that can be reached by car. You can also visit Al Khalidiyah, which is a natural area for acacia trees.

6- Musandam tours to Kumzar village

  • In Musandam, there is the village of Kumzar, which is located in the far north of Oman.
  • The village can only be reached by boat because it is an isolated and inaccessible village.
  • It is the alternative inhabited part in the far north of the country, and the most northern part of the land and is located on the Strait of Hormuz.
  • Fishing is the main source of income, with tuna and sardines being the main catch.
  • The extreme heat of summer makes Kumzhar almost uninhabitable from May to September when most people leave Kumzhar to stay in the town of Khasab.
  • Most of the residents own two houses, one in Kumzar and the other in Khasab.

7- Take a trip from Dubai to Musandam

  • Musandam is truly unique due to its picturesque fjords, natural dolphinariums, coastal scenery, tallest mountain, telegraph island, and Sibi, Bedouin villages in the fjords and mountains.
  • With these amazing features, the name of Norway of Arabia was given to Musandam, as Musandam is one of the most picturesque areas in the Gulf.
  • The Shihuh live on the Peninsula, and they are hunters and shepherds descended from the original inhabitants of northern Oman.

8- A trip to the city of Khasab

  • During Oman day trips, where tourists can visit the capital of Musandam, which is the city of Khasab. Khasab is famous for fishing and oases, with a population of 180,000.
  • Visit Oman, then go to Khasab, and you will visit Khasab Fort.
  • This castle dates back to the sixteenth century. Khasab is located in the Strait of Hormuz and overlooks the Arabian Gulf.
  • The castle contains an exhibition showing details of Omani handicrafts.
  • Tourists can also visit the old and new markets of Khasab, then you can see pictures of camels, ships, and soldiers made of stones from the Stone Age dating back about 2000 years.


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