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Why Oman is famous?


The peaceful and mountainous villages and magnificent castles in UNESCO, palm farms and beautiful beaches are examples of the wonders of this amazing country. Take a look at some Oman’s attractive point by Oman Packages.

Mosque of Sultan Qaboos : Mosque of Sultan Qaboos is one of the major mosques of the Oman monarchy. The mosque of Sultan Qaboos Mosque in Muscat is ordered by Sultan Qaboos from Iranian artists from Neyshabur. The design of this carpet, which is about 5,000 square meters and consists of 48 small and large pieces, is inspired by the map of the dome of the Shaykh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan and the composition of the design of Afshin Shah Abbasi and other Iranian and Islamic decorations.

The most exciting part of the world : If you are interested in traveling, we will offer you the country of Oman. This country has a good relationship with our country and its officials have a strong desire to have good relations with us. Even the largest and most international hotel in Muscat has been named in Farsi and called Golestan. Oman has enjoyed a number of unforgettable attractions over the years, which remained unknown for decades. The capital is Muscat and includes four provinces of Muscat, Musandam, Tumar, and Barim. Some of the attractions are castles, forts, and mosques dating back to six centuries.

Muscat is Oman’s largest and oldest city, with all state institutions in it. Since ancient times, Oman has  been called the monarchy of Muscat and Oman. The most famous castles of the city are fortress and glory. From other places of interest in Muscat, you can see the Bloodh al-Sifa, the Muscat Wall, the Atri Houses, Al-Khairan, the Gothab Beach, the Al-Zubiro Museum of Bookbinding and the Omani Coin. The people of Muscat are trading and fishing. Muscat’s goldsmith, silverware and craftsmanship are also well known.

Experience Rock Climbing and Desertification : Most areas of Oman are mountainous. The highest mountain peak is called Hajjar. In most tourist tours, desert offers its customers. During desertification, they spend their time in desert tents. Riding a camel in the desert, luxury camping under the stars and Safari with Jeep are just a few of the attractions of this trip for you.

Palm palace : This castle is located in the palm city and in the Batna region. This castle is one of the most popular and strongest castles in the kingdom of Oman. One of the contemporary buildings in the country, built in 2001 in Muscat, soon became one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. The most important attraction of this mosque is an Iranian handmade carpet weighing 24 tons and four years of its time. This carpet has an area of about 5000 square meters. The magnificent chandelier is also hung in the chapel of this mosque, which is very beautiful and spectacular.

Constructive statue : At the top of a villa overlooking the public park, Rhym is a sculpture made up of a smoke grinder, which is considered to be Omani symbols. Cranberry is one of the major Omani products. It contains tender and oil obtained from medical usefulness.

Cave of Parliament : This cave is one of the strangest and most beautiful caves in the world. The depth of the cave is also more than a 50-story building, which is considered one of the deepest caves. The cave is located on the Salma plateau discovered in 1983 and now labeled the second deepest cave in the world. For access to this deep cave through a narrow crater that people should walk with a rope into it. The depth of the cave is between 120 and 150 meters, and according to experts from the Pyramid of Giza, located in Egypt, it is fully located within this cave.

Jabal Lakhdar or Green Mountain : The name is mountainous in Oman, which is located in the Great Hajj Mountains. Height is 3075 meters. There are many cold springs and springs in this mountain. The magnificent valleys of this mountain make you delightful. On the edge of this mountain, there are plenty of agricultural lands that people in the villages of this area often do farming. Of course, some people also use the natural location of the area and have honeybees. Honey has a special flavor and is expensive.

Dhofar province : Long sandy beaches with palm trees and flying birds are really spectacular. In the center of Dhofar province, in Seoul, in the 7th and 8th centuries, festivals will be held as Salalah Autumn Festival. It is the center of Oman’s social, cultural, political, economic, and tourist activities. It has unbeatable autumn that will become an unforgettable holiday from the second half of June to late September.

Apparent province : Cities with a great historical background are located in this province, including Beriyah, Judah and Kharimaea. There are many historic sites, including the Hebrew Historical Market, Qanat Al-Iraqi, Qal’at al-Khandagh, Heson, Abul, Qala Beriim and al-Khazik in the province. Fountains of fresh water are another attraction of this province.

Qanats of the famous ancient : Qanats dating back more than 2000 years, called Dares, Al Khatamin, Al-Malki, Al-Mia’ar, and Al-Jila, are the sources of water from many of the cities and villages of Oman, due to the unique system of these five aqueducts annually 2006 were recorded as World Heritage.

Wadi Night : One of the most popular tourist destinations in Oman is full of palm trees and natural water pools. Many of these pools are used for swimming and sailing. The flow of water in the water ponds of this area is always underway. The presence of green shrubs and wildlife trees that captures butterflies and birds has given the region a dream in wadi shab.

Like many other Arab countries, Oman has many good hotels, but the most attractive are palace cottages in the desert, made of palm trees. In recent years, luxury 5-star hotels have been built at affordable prices in Muscat. With a variety of animals and plants, such as the beautiful Zahir area, it hosts thousands of wildlife from around the globe, with a variety of horseback riding, hunting and traditional food festivals to attract tourists. The climate in the warm desert region along the sea is hot and humid in the summer and mild and cool in winter. The Omani government plans to attract 12 million tourists in 2020.

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