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What’s the best way to see Jebel Shams?

Jebel Shams is one of the important tourist destinations in the state of Nizwa Oman, and this is because tourists visit it during their visit to the Sultanate to enjoy its picturesque nature, where wild trees abound in it. This is in addition to its fresh air and distinctive view. Jebal Shams is the highest peak in Oman. In the western Hajar mountain range, about 240 kilometers from Muscat, and with its charming view of Wadi Al-Nakhr called the “Grand Canyon” of the Arabian Peninsula, Jebel Shams Oman is one of the tourist attractions that visitors come to enjoy with its cool climate, wonderful camping places, and many hiking trails.

What’s the best way to see Jebel Shams?

  • Jebel Shams has located about 250 km from Muscat, and it can be reached from the village of Al Hamra, which is about a two-hour drive from Muscat. The journey from Al Hamra to Jebel Shams does not take more than an hour.
  • Although small cars can sometimes be seen on Jebel Shams, four-wheel drive vehicles are recommended, especially since the mountain road is quite steep.
  • The 4WD feature will save your life as you navigate through desert rocks and uneven terrain. Moreover, keep in mind that the turns and slopes on the way to Jebel Shams are very steep and would be very difficult to do in a regular car.

Jebel Shams is the highest mountain in the Hajar Mountains

  • Jabal Shams is located in the Sultanate’s Dakhiliyah Governorate, the highest mountain in the Hajar Mountains range and Oman, with a height of just over 3,010 meters.
  • During your trip to Oman, you must visit Jabal Shams if you are looking for fresh surroundings and breathtaking views, and you will have two options, either to stay in the valleys or choose to hike to the highest point in the country.
  • There are two peaks on Jebel Shams, the North Peak, and the South Peak. The North Peak is the highest point on the mountain but it cannot be accessed by tourists. The peak is a military base and a restricted area.
  • The southern summit, located a few meters below 3,000 meters, is open to the public for trekking.
    What's the best way to see Jebel Shams

    The geographical location of Jebel Shams

    jebel shams are considered one of the tall mountains in our Arab world, and it is located specifically in the Sultanate of Oman, and more precisely in the Wilayat of Al-Hamra, which is about 42 km away from its center, and the mountain forms an extension of the western mountain range. It is known as the Hajar Mountains, while it is bordered on its eastern side by the Wilayat of Nizwa, and on its southern side by the Wilayat of Bahla. As for its northern side, it is bordered by the villages of the Al Batinah South Governorate, and on its western side, it is bordered by the villages of the Wilayat of Ibri.

    The reason for naming Jabal Shams by this name is the fact that it is the first place in the Sultanate that receives the morning sun, and therefore it is the last place that deposits it at sunset. Jabal Shams includes several separate villages, the number of which reaches more than 30 small villages, which are inhabited by the people of Jabal The most famous of these villages is the village of Al-Hajer, the village of Gul, the village of Al-Nakhr, and the village of Al-Rahba.

      What's the best way to see Jebel Shams

      Climate of Jebel Shams

      The climate of Jebel Shams is mild during the summer, and this is due to the temperature reaching 30 degrees Celsius, but it is cold during the winter season, as the temperature reaches below zero by about ten degrees Celsius, and snow falls abundantly on its summit inhabit.

      The most important tourist sites in Jebel Shams

      There are many tourist sites in Jebel Shams, which are visited by large numbers of tourists when they visit Al-Jeel, for example:

      1- Wadi Nakhr:

      • It is located near the highest peak in Jabal Shams, and it is a chasm famous for its deep depth, and it is one of the most beautiful places that can be visited when visiting the mountain, as it takes the form of a section with a huge depth inside the rock.
      • The Wadi Nakhr can be seen from the highest peak of the mountain, at the bottom of which there are many large rocks, which have been greatly affected by natural factors through carving and erosion.

      2- Old Ghul Village

      • It is considered one of the important historical monuments in the region, due to its construction mainly through the use of gravel and mud in addition to harmonious stones. The village is distinguished by its construction on the edge of the mountain, which overlooks the farms at the bottom.

      3- Camp Center, and the Celestial Observatory

      • In addition to the Celestial Observatory, the camping center is one of the places that tourists go to in the mountain to enjoy natural life away from the noise of cities, concerning the camping center.
      • Also please visit the mountain for stargazing and amazing night photography, and since you are away from the city lights and at a great height, this is a great combination that makes stargazing unforgettable.
      • If you’re staying in a camp, you can just stargaze from there, and if you’re staying in a hotel, you can drive to anywhere nearby and watch the stars.

      4- balcony walk

      • The balcony walk is a wonderful path located on the rocky edge of the valley that leads to an old abandoned village called Al-Sab. This path offers amazing views of the valley and the wonderful surrounding mountains and villages below.

      It is worth noting that most of the residents of Jabal Shams work in the profession of agriculture, where their crops vary, and this is due to the fertility of the agricultural soil mainly in the mountain, and one of the agricultural products that the mountain is famous for is the famous Omani garlic, and fruits of various fruits. It is strong to support the agricultural sector in the mountain with all the agricultural supplies it needs, such as fertilizers and machinery, in addition to providing all kinds of services to the residents of this region, which would maintain the stability and livelihood of the people of Jabal Shams.


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