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Best Jebel Shams Tours

Jebel Shams is the highest mountain peak in the State of Oman, where the height of Jabal Al Shams reaches 3000 meters above sea level. In the mountain, there is a special camping site for travelers in Jabal Al Shams, and there are also many small villages in which the residents of Jabal Shams live.

The villages distributed throughout Jabal Al Shams are just very small villages, so you can find an entire village consisting of a small number of houses, and they are mostly small, modest dwellings that suit the mountain way of life, and the simplicity of living in them.


How to form Jabal Shams?

The geological age of Jebel Shams is 25 million years old, as it originated as a result of the divergence between Oman and Iraq. Here is information about the formation of this mountain as follows:

  • many craters exist in it as conclusive evidence of the existence of a sea in this place, which gives spirit and vitality to the place.
  • Volcanoes also played a major role in the emergence of the mountain, in which large parts of the stones melted, and not only the presence of the sea is responsible for that.
  • After the sea dried up, these sediments accumulated to create this mountain in its place over time.


Nature in Jebel Shams

In Jebel, the oldest trees around the world, known as juniper trees, grow, with a width of more than two meters.

Jebel Shams includes many trees, including:

  • Wild olive trees.
  • Date palm trees.
  • Many plants spread in the region, including the Sidr and Christ’s thorn plants. The residents of this region also eat some plants, including what is known as buckthorn.
  • Jebel includes a large number of villages around it, which reach 12 villages, and the inhabitants of these villages manufacture carpets and agriculture in addition to raising animals.
best jebel shams tours

Tourist activities in Jebel Shams

There are many activities that tourists who visit Jebel can do, which are:


Everyone who intends to go to the jebel shams in the Sultanate of Oman can take a stroll by going on entertainment tours.

In addition to practicing many activities and sports in the Jebel Shams areas, including the following:

W4 road
      • Through this route, you can climb Jebel to the highest permitted peak of the mountain, which is about 2.997 meters high.
      • This distance is only allowed, as a restricted area is at the top of the mountain.
      • It is a military area. After this point, you can continue walking normally through the path that leads to the valley.
Khitaim village
      • There is a lot of picturesque scenery in this village, which starts from the valley to the village of Sab Bani Khamis.
      • That deserted village has many traces of dwellings and gardens.

2- Photography

      • When talking about information about Jebel Shams, we find that the picturesque nature of Jebel provokes all the photographers who pass by.
      • As well as ordinary tourists in terms of enjoying photography of those charming landscapes enjoyed by jebel shams.
      • One of the most beautiful pictures taken at night.
      • One of the most factors that increase the beauty of photography for that region.
      • In addition to taking pictures at night in terms of the stars that sparkle in the sky at night, passing by the need to take into account the situation in which the picture is taken.
      • And we add to that both the location in which the filming takes place.
      • And the time you deem appropriate for photography so that we can get a very special picture.

Jebel Shams Road

When talking about the nature and landmarks of Jebel, we must mention that the road to Jebel Shams is exciting in terms of attractive sites that arouse the curiosity of passers-by on this road, including the following:

      • You can see the city of Nizwa Oman and what is known for, that historical city is known as the cultural capital of the Sultanate of Oman, through which you can learn about the details of that city in terms of its history, the ancient fort, and the traditional market is known for it.
      • Traffic also those villages that still have a lot of the ancient heritage of the Sultanate and this village is known as Hamra.
      • In addition to the picturesque landscapes seen by the visitor on the way to Jebel in the Sultanate of Oman.
best jebel shams tours

The importance of Jebel Shams

The population at the top of Jebel is considered the most fortunate in terms of many factors, including the following:

  • The location of jebel shams in the Sultanate of Oman made that region the most fortunate of others in the State of Oman, in terms of the different climates throughout the year, in addition to the seasonal fruits that are available in it.
  • In addition to the natural landscapes available in Jebel, you also enjoy that region as the first area where the sun rises.
  • It is also the last place to stay in, and these multiple factors in Jebel have made it a very important tourist destination compared to other places in the Sultanate of Oman.

Tourism in Jebel Shams

Jebel is located in the Ad Dakhiliyah region, a region that has gained great importance due to the presence of this mountain, which is among the most important tourist attractions that many visitors visit. Among the most important features of Jebel are the following:

Old Ghoul Village

  • The ancient village of Ghoul is one of the most famous and very popular villages, as it is very crowded and visited by visitors throughout the year.
  • This village is also one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Amman. For anyone who desires calm and relaxation, this village is the ideal destination for him.
  • There are many tourists, and this village is the main destination for them when they go to Jebel Shams.
  • The jebel shams are also one of the most important reasons that made the tourist demand for the Sultanate of Oman increase dramatically, in terms of the many recreational activities carried out by all visitors to that region.
  • This is represented by climbing heights and tours around the jebel shams and the diversity of adventures and excitement, which is one of the most essential features that many people who go there for tourism meet.

The best times for tourism in Jebel Shams

Due to the many advantages of Jebel, which made it an important tourist destination, many tourists come to it from many other countries, and the best time to travel for tourism in Jebel is the following:

  • In the summer season, the climate is very moderate, due to the location of Jebel, which is very high above sea level.
  • In contrast, in the winter season, temperatures drop in Jebel, where snow falls.
  • Also, through this comparison between summer and winter, it is recommended to travel in the summer, as the climate is mild and suitable for hiking and enjoying all the activities carried out by the tourist while avoiding the jebel shams climate in the winter, which is characterized by extreme cold due to the low temperatures as we mentioned, which reach in Often to minus 9 degrees.


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