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Top Things Oman is Famous For

Oman is famous for the manufacture of incense and metalwork since ancient times, and it must be mentioned that no major development occurred in it except after the occurrence of a coup in 1970 AD.

This coup brought Qaboos bin Said to power, and after he came to power, the Omani economy developed significantly, as Oman is famous for its tourist places, where tourists go to enjoy the beauty of its natural scenery, and the hospitality of its people, and the Sultanate of Oman has been a center for trade routes in the Indian Ocean for a long time, and although it does not have oil reserves, it is one of the richest countries on Earth.

Oman is famous for the presence of many places that can be visited, including the Daymaniyat Islands Nature Reserve, which is considered one of the most wonderful natural Oman heritages, as it contains beautiful beaches, full of rare coral reefs, as well as sea turtles and migratory birds, as well as Dhofar lakes and a protected area. Turtles and Sirin Reserve are among the beautiful Omani nature reserves and the best places to visit in Oman during the summer are as follows:

1- The city of Samhuram

  • Oman is famous for a fortified archaeological area, the city of Sumhuram, and it is sometimes called “Khor Rori”. The history of this area dates back to the third millennium BC, and there are many archaeological areas and stone inscriptions, in addition to many ancient manuscripts.
  • There is also a large archaeological temple, and this city is located between the states of Mirbat and the state of Taqah.

2- Musandam Peninsula Beach

  • The beach is a suitable interface for lovers of swimming and water sports of all kinds, as there are several centers for diving, swimming, and kayaking on the beach.
  • It also contains a fish garden that contains a large number of fish, which the visitor can see closely.

3- Nakhl Fort

  • Oman is famous for one of its beautiful archaeological sites, because it is one of the most beautiful war castles in the world, and it was built with amazing balance on a rocky ledge in the Western Jabal Hajar.
  • This fort remained at an altitude of 200 meters on the Hajjar mountains, in the period from the third to the tenth centuries, and what increases the beauty of the fort is the view of the countryside in Nakhl, which makes it more attractive.


4- Wahiba Sands

  • If the visitor is a desert and adventure lover, the Wahiba sands are suitable for him, due to their color, which ranges from red to dark honey.
  • The visitor can also enjoy a quiet drive of his car among the undulating dunes, which extend for a distance of 180 km from north to south, and 80 km from east to west.
Top Things Oman is Famous For

5- Musandam Strait

  • Once the visitor goes to the Sultanate of Oman, he would like to enjoy some beautiful and picturesque landscapes. The cruise in Khor Ramad al-Sham is perhaps the most enjoyable experience, which includes discovering the Strait of Musandam, and its clear waters, in addition to seeing its clear cliffs, and watching dolphins.

6- Frankincense Beach

  • This beach is characterized by a special climate significantly different from the rest of the Sultanate, as visitors can see green lands in addition to rivers, waterfalls, and fertile pastures.
  • Oman is famous for Frankincense Beach, located in the Dhofar region, south of Oman, and thousands of kilometers from the Omani capital, Muscat.

7- Jebel Shams

  • It is located in the province of Nizwa Oman, which is 280 km away from the capital, Muscat. This mountain rises to 9,000 feet above sea level. During the winter, the visitor can enjoy the snowfall on it.
  • Oman is famous for Jebel Shams, which tourists can visit during the summer, when the temperature is moderate, usually reaching 25 degrees, and it is the ideal place for trips and camping.

8- Jebel Akhdar Villages

  • Oman is famous for the Jebel Akhdar, as it is one of the most important tourist places in the Sultanate, because it is considered the highest point in it, as it reaches a height of about 2000 meters, and it is characterized by its beautiful and moderate climate and its picturesque natural landscape that provides comfort and psychological calm.

9- Wadi Darbat

  • Oman is famous for Wadi Darbat, as it is one of the largest valleys in the city of Salalah, and it is distinguished by the abundance of water waterfalls in it, especially during the winter period, in which it rains a lot, which works to give the visitor more psychological comfort.

10- Ras Al Hadd Resort

  • Oman is famous for Ras Al Hadd Resort, as it is one of the most important tourist attractions in the Sultanate, due to the many activities that the visitor can practice, as it serves as a natural reserve for many types of turtles.

Oman is famous for many handmade and manufactured products that have a purely Arab character, and among the most famous Omani products are the manufacture of daggers and jewelry in the areas of Muttrah, Nizwa Oman, and if you want to visit the Sultanate of Oman, you can try and buy Omani products.

Among the most famous Omani products:

Omani products are available in the market, and the Sultanate exports them to some Arab countries. Among the most famous Omani products are:


1- The manufacture of daggers

      • Oman is famous for making daggers, where the dagger is the sword that was worn by the man on his waist, and this habit dates back to ancient times in the Gulf. 5 riyals, while the real copy has a price of 100 Omani riyals.

2- Oman silver

      • Oman is famous for silver, which is one of the most famous Omani products, especially necklaces, and earrings, which take the ancient art form.
      • Oman silver is characterized by its cheap price, which reflects the sophistication and beauty of the Omani people. Tourists are keen to acquire some silver artifacts from the markets that Omani women wear and other decorative silver dishes.
Top Things Oman is Famous For

3- Henna

      • Oman is famous for henna, as they mix and blend it with many colors, especially since women in the Arabian Gulf and North Africa use henna as a form of fashion to change the color of their hair also one of the festive aspects in Omani weddings.

4- Oman honey

      • Omani honey is characterized by its purity and thickness, and it is famous throughout Arab countries for being 100% natural, no substances are added to its composition, and it is used to treat many diseases.

5- Oman perfumes

      • One of what Oman is most famous for is the distinctive perfume industry, and the perfumes are distinguished by luxurious quality, and they are available in stores in the Oman markets.
      • Their price ranges between 5 to 10 riyals, and there are high-quality perfume shops in the city center of various shapes.
      • One of the most famous Omani perfumes is Amouage perfume, which is considered the most famous in Oman.


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