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What you need to know about Nizwa Oman

Nizwa Oman has established in the year 1994 AD, in the interior region of the Sultanate, and it also played a great role in developing industry in both the interior, central, and Al-Dhahirah regions, and after the completion of the highway between it and the capital, marketing its products in Muscat became an issue Easy and fast, this state is also famous for its intellectual activity, so it was named after the courtyard of Islam. Through this article, we will learn about everything related to this city and the most important thing that distinguishes it from others.

Nizwa Oman

  • It was named so because of its location at the crossroads between Muscat, the Jabal al-Hajar, and the northern parts of Oman. This city is distinguished by the fact that many jurists graduated from it, for example, the author of the book Bayan al-Shar’a, and the author of the workbook, in addition to the fact that many historians and scholars graduated from the US.
  • Nizwa Oman was famous for being a religious, and spiritual capital, and it also played an important role in spreading the Islamic call and jihad for the sake of God, as the Sultan of Oman (Qaboos bin Saeed) called it the city of science and heritage, because it was a center of civilization and science in addition to being a repository of human heritage. Its university also includes about 6,000 manuscripts.
  • Nizwa Oman was famous for many industries such as ceramics, plastics, and others, which contributed to the ease of exporting its products is Muscat International Airport, as it is approximately 164 km away from Muscat.
  • The population of Nizwa is about 70,7000 people.

The climate of Nizwa Oman

Nizwa Oman is characterized by its mild climate, where it is hot in the summer and cold in the winter, and it rains specifically in the Green Mountain region.

souq of Nizwa Oman

The city of Nizwa in the Sultanate of Oman is famous for its abundance of markets, where the central market is considered one of the largest markets there, because it includes both the livestock market, including cows, and there is also a market dedicated to vegetables, and another for meat, in addition to all that fish market, there is also The traditional souq Nizwa, which was dedicated to handicrafts, and it also includes the spice market, and all of this is located in the city center.

What you need to know about Nizwa Oman

The most important monuments in Nizwa Oman

Nizwa Oman is famous for many ancient monuments that make many tourists come to visit it to enjoy watching it, and the most important of these antiquities, for example, are the following:

1- Nizwa Oman fort

It is considered one of the oldest forts in the Sultanate, as it is located in the inner region of the city, and the one who ordered the construction of this fort is (Imam Sultan bin Saif bin Malik Al-Yarubi), and he is the same imam who expelled the Portuguese occupation from the Sultanate of Oman.

It took about 12 years to build Nizwa Fort, its height is approximately 24 meters, its inner diameter is about 39 meters, and its outer diameter is 43 meters. Its area is large and it is characterized by attractive architecture.

It contains jewelry, clothes, and various weapons, in addition to cannons scattered throughout the fort, and silver utensils. It also contains stores and kitchens.

In this fort, there are many various openings for the stationing of defenders and fighters responsible for protecting it and defending the city in ancient times. It also contains different locations for prisons because when it was the seat of government, punishments were carried out against criminals who committed crimes and violations of all kinds.

Sections of the fort

There are several sections in Nizwa Fort, as it includes about 480 niches or what is known as a target, which is intended for throwing enemies in the event of any attack on it. It also includes 240 saddles for decoration, in addition to 120 places for guards to stand with 24 slots for large cannons. The fort is linked to a fort with complex corridors.

Fort uses

Nizwa Oman fort has many uses, as it was the seat of local government and a stable for the imam and his family, and it was also a fortification site for shelter in times of war.

This fort is adjacent to the old fort that was built by Imam Salt bin Malik al-Kharousi during the third century AH and the ninth century AD, and due to the disappearance of this fort, Imam al-Ya’rubi Nasser bin Murshid ordered it to be built on the ruins of the old fort in the year 1034 AH and 162 AD.

Industries located in Fort Nizwa Oman

There are many various industries in the fort, the most famous of which are the following:

  • Silver crafts such as the production of anklets, collars, and necklaces.
  • Traditional industries such as making placemats that are placed under food.
  • The manufacture of rose water, which is extracted from roses through the distillation process, as the city of Nizwa is famous for cultivating it in the form of terraces in the Green Mountain.
  • It was famous for making candy, which then became exported to India and ancient Egypt, where it was known as Pharaonic candy.
What you need to know about Nizwa Oman

2- Falaj Daris

It is one of the most important archaeological sites in Nizwa Oman, as it attracts many tourists. This falaj is also considered one of its largest falajs, as it is used to irrigate many of the agricultural lands located there.

3- Beit Rudaydah Fort

This fort is located on the roads that lead to Green Mountain, and this fort was built during the nineteenth century AD. This fort is characterized by the elements of traditional architecture.

4- Old houses and heritage lanes

These houses are considered a tourist destination for many tourists who come to visit Oman, as these houses are distinguished by the fact that they were built of mud and palm trunks, and they are architecture that contains many different inscriptions influenced by ancient civilizations.

5- Old mosques

The city of Nizwa Oman is famous for its ancient mosques, the most famous of which is the Sultan Qaboos Mosque, which was built by the ruler Salt bin Malik Al-Kharousi Al-Ahmadi, who is considered the most famous imam of Oman during the third century AH.

The most important places of tourism in Nizwa Oman

The city of Nizwa is famous for the abundance of tourist places that many tourists visit, and the most famous are the following:

1- Wadi Tanuf

Tanuf Valley is the most famous natural landmark in Nizwa Oman, as it is characterized by its picturesque green landscapes that resemble tropical forests with dense trees and abundant waters, so it is one of the most beautiful places there.

2- Jebel Shams

It is considered one of the most famous tourist attractions in Nizwa Oman, as it has the highest peak in Oman and one of the 10 highest mountains in the Arab countries, and it is about 3010 meters above sea level, so it is one of the most amazing tourist places ever.



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